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Family Holidays


Familiy holidays in a beautiful, natural and relaxed setting


Overview Vellaneta Estate
Family therapeutic holidays Agriturismo Vellaneta

Family Holidays

Holidays are some of the best times of the year! But for families of people in recovery these times can be particularly challenging. Tensions can run high and as much as we like to think that holidays are all about relaxation, having fun, and playing games, they can be some of the most difficult times of the year. Many families may experience arguments, disagreements and difficulties while on holiday, however, with a member of the family in (early) recovery, perhaps just home from a treatment center, they may easily escalate into an intolerable, uncomfortable and overwhelming situation for the entire family.

A person new to recovery is faced with managing alcohol or drug addiction issues, while also trying desperately to engage in family activities, meet new people, be expected to enjoy themselves and maintaining the peace, all the while navigating the very new experience of sobriety, recovery and a life without substances and alcohol: this can be emotionally overpowering! These issues must be handled delicately and skillfully, otherwise there may be a risk of further distancing from a loved one, acting out on relapse behaviours or an actual relapse.

The support of family members can make a difference: healing from alcohol and other drug dependencies happens best with the involvement of families and concerned significant others. It strengthens recovery not only for the addicted person, but also for the entire family and helps to maintain long-term recovery. Holidays can be a time to mend and reconnect family togetherness, time to have fun and enjoy yourselves.

The secluded position of the Vellaneta estate provides complete privacy, security and confidentiality. It offers a safe, supportive, warm holiday environment for the whole family, where families will discover that the road to recovery can also be fun and pleasure. They will learn skills to set healthy boundaries, how to improve communication with each other, how to rebuild trusting relationships. It will make your family holiday become the best holiday ever.

During the day individual and/or family therapeutic settings will be organized, where you may share feelings, worries, joys and expectations. But there will also be lots of time for pleasure and fun! You can go hiking to discover the beautiful surroundings, visit nearby towns and stroll through markets, take yoga classes, join an Italian cooking workshop or a ceramics class, learn about archery or just relax near the pool.

Sober holidays and Family therapeutic holidays
Our archery field
Sober holidays and Family therapeutic holidays

Our apartments

Apartment Aurora Vellaneta Estate
Veranda apartment Aurora Vellaneta Estate

Apartment Aurora

In Apartment Aurora, with private veranda and garden view, you can enjoy the morning sun, its colours are lavender and light green.

Apartment Mezzogiorno

The aMezzogiorno, with private veranda and garden view,  is the coolest apartment, perfect for hot summer days, and somewhat larger than the other two. It catches the midday sun, and its colours are lavender and pink.

Apartment Tramonto

Apartment Tramonto will  give you the afternoon and evening sun, and its colours are deep lavender with yellow. Also this apartment has a private veranda with garden view.

Kitchen of Apartment Le Avellane Vellaneta Estate

Apartment Le Avellane

This spacious apartment has a private garden and terrace.

The Vellaneta Estate

All our guests have at their disposal a spacious, well furnished salon on the ground floor, with a library, a piano, a fireplace and several cosy angles to relax or read, a dining table for cool evenings. The salon leads to a wide veranda, that offers a magnificent view of the mountains and the garden.

Towards evening it is the perfect place to watch a beautiful sunset. There is also a panoramic swimming pool with a solar shower, a jeu-de-boule (pétanque), an archery field, free WI-FI, and a laundry room for washing and ironing, a parking place.

Sober holidays in Italy Le Marche
View over agriturismo Vellaneta Le Marche Italy
Pool view of Agriturismo Vellaneta Le Marche
Family therapeutic holidays at Agriturismo Vellaneta

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