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The path toward healing.  How to break the chains of triggers and urges. 20-24 April and 5-9 September 2024


The path toward healing: (co-)dependence. How to recognize and overcome relationship addiction. 26-31 August 2024


The path toward healing: the Feeling State Protocol:  it is not about how to quit addictive behaviour, but how to no longer want to do it.


The path toward healing: adult children of alcoholics:  how to rewrite your life script.



“Recovery is not changing who you are. It is letting go of who you are not” (Claudia Black, 1981).


Our workshops

The path towards healing rewrite your lifescript

The path towards healing:
rewrite your life script

During this workshop we will take a closer look at the effects of growing up with alcoholism: its impact on relationship patterns, the struggle to connect, to control and to trust, and how to become the true, authentic, and self-aware adult you are meant to be.

The path towards healing rewrite your lifescript

The path toward healing: the Feeling State Protocol

How to break free, regain control of your life and get your freedom back.

Addictions are created when a desired feeling ad behaviour become fixated together. This workshop aims at breaking the fixated linkage between the intensely desired feeling that leads to addictive, compulsive  behaviour.  

Christmas special

Christmas Holidays in Sobriety

The holiday season is a special time and many people cannot wait to spend time with their family during the holidays.

Easter Holidays Vellaneta Cagli

easter special

Sober Easter Holidays

Traveling during the holidays can be tricky for people who are in recovery. Part of you wants to have fun and relax, another part of you may be struggling with the temptation of substances in a foreign environment.

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