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The path toward healing. the Feeling State Protocol



It is not about how to quit addictive behaviour,

but how no longer want to do  it


The path towards healing rewrite your lifescript

the Feeling State Protocol: not how to quit addictive behaviour, but how no longer want to do it.


Addictions are created when a desired feeling and behaviour become fixated together and form a state-dependent memory, a feeling state.

The feeling state theory assumes that impulse control disorders are created when positive feelings, linked with specific objects or behaviour, form a state-dependent memory, composed of feelings and an event (Robert Miller, 2010). A feeling is not the same as an emotion, it is the combination of an emotion, the physical experience of that emotion, and a positive cognition that accompanies them. This is not just any positive experience, it has to have been an  overwhelmingly positive feeling for the person, rooted in a strong, unmet, often hidden, emotional need to feel whatever that feeling is: p.e. feeling in control, feeling like I belong, feeeling like a winner, feeling safe, etc.

The feeling state is a combination of the powerful, positive feeling essentially fused with the behaviour that gave the person that feeling. According to this theory, addictions and many other compulsions are not done for the sake of the behaviour, but as a deeply felt, emotionally driven desire to experience the overwhelming positive feeling again.

The workshop

This workshop aims at breaking the fixated linkage between the intensely desired feeling that leads to addictive, compulsive  behaviour.  The key is to accurately identify the feeling state the person is experiencing, connected to the specific behaviour or parts, of it, that yield the strongest positive feeling. By identifying the exact feeling and behaviour the fixation can be processed using a modified form of the EMDR protocol. A single behaviour can have multiple feelings attached, so it is important to identify all those feeling states. Once the fixation is broken, there are no further cravings or urges that have to be controlled or behaviour that has to be managed.

This protocol can be used on most any behaviour with an emotional compulsive component, including “process” addictions, relationship co-dependence, and susbstance abuse/dependence states.

In this workshop we will work in a group setting, Individual therapeutic and EMDR sessions are available, and recovery specialists and therapists are very welcome to accompany their clients.

The 5-dayworkshop will have a maximum of 6/7 participants. Group sessions will be held in the morning, the remainder of your day is free for relaxation and/or different activities.


The Retreat provides guests with well-furnished, comfortable two-bed shared apartments with private bathroom, kitchen and living, on half board basis, in a quiet and secluded region of Le Marche region, with an open view over the surrounding green hills, the foothills of the Apennine mountains. A single use apartment is also available on request.


Besides peaceful walking trails for hiking that offer an abundance of stunning and breathtaking views, the estate offers a pool in panoramic position, nearby or on site yoga classes, archery lessons, a weekly market, and why not, for those who love the Italian cuisine, a cooking class where you learn cooking true Italian style.

For more information regarding program details, dates, costs, etc. just send me a mail (info@theretreatinitaly.com, and jacquelinedegoeij2016@gmail.com), or call me at: +39 333 3230381.

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